Targus Crave Laptop Bag: Why You Should Get One

Saturday, September 03, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 4 Comments

A few months ago, I bought a laptop bag that caught my fancy. It’s a Targus, which by itself is already a great thing. But even the design is soooo drool-worthy:


The exterior of the Targus laptop bag looks wonderful, just because it does not look like a laptop bag at all. It is made of scratch-free fabric. I bought one in blue with black and yellowgreen accents. The laptop partition of the bag is fully cushioned. Its back area, the part that comes in contact with your back, is made of fabric that makes your skin breathe.

Targus Laptop Bag

It is made of really lightweight materials that the entire bag weighs just 1.6 pounds! I hate heavy laptop bags, so this one is like a bag made in heaven with my specifications. It cost me PhP3000, but it’s definitely worth it!

The Targus laptop bag also comes with a limited life warranty. Believe me, I’m loving Targus and their laptop bags more and more.

Targus, thank you. Although this is not a sponsored review, I will not stop raving about your bags. I heart Targus. ^_^

The Targus Crave backpack is suitable for 16” laptops. Ultimately, I made the decision to give it as a birthday gift for someone. But I’m buying another Targus laptop bag and this time, I’m keeping it all to myself. ^_^

Targus is available at Amazon. If you’re after durability AND aesthetic value, I strongly recommend the Targus Crave bag. Unlike the other Targus bags, it comes in a structured, quilted design. It comes in blue and black (I bought the blue one):

Targus Crave

Targus Crave Backpack (Blue): $41.99 

Now 16% OFF! From $49.99, now it’s $41.99!

targus crave black

Targus, Crave Backpack (Black): $68.34

If you want protection for your laptop plus a great looking backpack, invest in a Targus Crave laptop bag. Believe me, it’s worth every penny. Thumbs up

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  1. Buy a laptop bag which not only accommodates your laptop but also accessories, chargers and many more things because when you are going out, you may require these things as well.

  2. The Targus bag I bought has enough space for my umbrella, my mineral water bottle, my wallet, laptop charger, makeup, spare shoes - you get the drift. :)

  3. I love the style, it's simple but when you see the inside, it rocks

  4. Yes. And even if it looks simple, it's really pretty!