Summer Swimwear – All Clothes Are Off!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

Yes, the summer heat is back! Gone is the cold winter chill – and so are all clothes lined with faux fur and thick wool. Now comes the summery breeze that makes us bring out our favorite swimsuits. But do you know which swimsuit fits your body? And is last year’s swimsuit still beach-worthy, or do you owe yourself a little bikini shopping?

Yes, even swimsuits follow the rules of fashion, which means there are trends, and then there’s your individual style. The right swimwear for you would involve a balance of both, which entails a knowledge of what’s hot this season, and a knowledge of your own body type.

Although your two-piece bikini might have been perfect before, perhaps it’s time to try a onesie the next time you bask in the sun. Below are a few top picks if you need a maillot makeover.

Lanvin believes in the classic yet different. Lanvin's most recent resortwear feature one-piece swimwear that promise to cover yet flatter.


 Lanvin Resort 2011

clip_image002[6] Lanvin Resort 2011

Chanel also has swimwear that brings you back to that age when bubblegum and pigtails used to flatter. Chanel's swimsuit collection for 2011 promises to make you look years younger.

clip_image004[6]Chanel Resort 2011

Michael Kors believes in animal appeal, in the figurative and the literal sense as well. Simple cutout maillots with anything-but-simple animal print will keep you from looking boring.

clip_image006[6] Michael Kors Resort 2011

Of course, not everything has to be out there. Try wearing a stylish cover-up over your swimwear. Yes, sometimes, bearing less is so much more. It may not be necessary to cover everything up; you can do away with either the top or bottom, such as seen on Yves Saint Lauren's Resort Collection for 2011.

clip_image008[6] YSL Resort 2011

clip_image010[6] YSL Resort 2011

And make sure you wear a reliable sunscreen before you hit the shore. Aside from protecting your skin from the harsh sun, sunscreen lotions also add a sexy sheen to your skin.

Lastly, remember to wear your swimsuit with confidence. All clothes owe their true beauty to the person wearing them. When you’re comfortable in your own skin – and in your own swimwear, for that matter – it makes you hot enough to match the summer heat.

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