Why I’m In Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips Book

Thursday, April 07, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Uh-oh. My name is in Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips book.

suplado tips book

I’ve always dreamed of seeing my rather generic name on a book – as the author, that is. But being mentioned in a book’s acknowledgment page is like eating a bowl of laksa: it’s not gonna taste the same for everyone.

So, what role did I play to have my name printed inside the pages of Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips, anyway? (Am I even anywhere near being suplada to begin with?)

May I interrupt myself for a moment. For those who do not know what suplado or suplada means, read on:

SUPLADO. noun. 1) Someone you secretly want to punch in the face; 2) Someone you secretly want to be; 3) The new sexy – or so they say.

And yes, maybe this is just a ploy to get the book hyped, gossiped about, and sold like pancakes at National Bookstore or Fully Booked. Also, I know the question is coming my way, so I have to think of a really good answer.

But let’s make it a little bit more fun, shall we? And, as in any multiple choice exam, there may be more than one correct answer, but you should choose only the best answer.

QUESTION: Why is my name in Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips book? 
A.  Stanley Chi owes me money and it’s his way to suck up to me.
B.  I am the ORIGINAL suplada and Stanley Chi is simply my student.
C.  I was gagged, tied, and forced to write a short bio for Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips book.
D.  Stanley Chi has a major crush on me.

Care to venture a guess? I know, I know, the obvious answer is D, but try again.

If you haven’t read the book yet, sheesh, you should. Haven’t you heard? My name is in it! Besides, they say suplado is the new sexy, but why take my word for it? Buy the book, read it, and more importantly… don’t lend it to anyone. (They should buy their own copy, duh.)

stanley chi suplado tips

Stanley Chi, the Senpai of Supladoness

Oh, and as for the correct answer to the above question, it’s in the book. Yep, you’re gonna have to buy it to find out!

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