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I fell asleep while reading my book. I wasn’t bored; I just hated the psychology behind it. It had a funny title: The Frog King. I thought it was like The Frog Prince, but I was sorely mistaken – there was nothing about the protagonist that remotely resembled a noble prince who merely leaped and croaked like a frog. The frog king in the story was just like a slimy, sleazy frog who found a woman crazy enough to stomach him.

The Frog King

Adam Davies, the author, decided to create such a mediocre guy named Harry. Harry was far from the valiant, honorable man that often seemed real – as long as they stayed in a book. But Harry, he was no hero; he was just like most guys I know.

Harry was like any average guy: he thought like a guy, moved like a guy, and scratched his crotch like a guy. He was officially with Evie, but who could blame him for flashing a toothy grin at the really cute Jersey girl in the party? And, just like any other regular guy, Harry got caught flirting with the Jersey girl – by none other than Evie.

Evie was just like any average girl. But she was, in Harry’s eyes, almost too good for him. And just like any girl who caught her guy canoodling with some other girl, she argued with Harry.

“Arguing with Evie is like playing chess against Garry Kasparov – every move you make gets you into deeper trouble – but I want her to know that I really didn’t mean anything, that it is just the unfortunate residue of a soon-to-be-conquered habit, that she is the only good and beautiful thing that’s ever been in my life.”
--  from Adam Davies’ The Frog King

And yet Harry had the heart to flirt with the Jersey girl. Men.

(Here’s more about The Frog King.)

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