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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 10 Comments

Photobucket has been hosting some of my photos since forever. I’ve had no problems with Photobucket… until now. Is photobucket down?

I’ve been asking myself (and doing some sleuthing online, of course) if Photobucket is indeed down because all my photos there are unavailable. If you are reading this post before 1 p.m. today (11 p.m. for some states in the United States), then you can probably see the rather unattractive box to the right of this post, saying:

We’re doing a little work right now

Your Image will be back soon


Man… I’m thinking of doing something about it and hosting the images somewhere else for now, but I don’t need the extra work. But what’s going on with Photobucket?

When you go to Photobucket’s website, you will see this announcement:

photobucket site maintenance

Yes, Photobucket is down… but for a select few users only. I don’t feel so special being part of this elite few. Sigh.

I wonder what they mean by, “We’re in the middle of resolving an issue that affects a small percentage of our users.” Is there some sort of worm or virus in their system, or perhaps there has been a hacking attempt at Photobucket?

A lot of Photobucket users, especially those counting on Photobucket for their eBay listings, are pulling their hair out in frustration. I can imagine being greatly distressed if my eBay auctions are about to end and I’m expecting a lot of bids, then the pictures in them suddenly get replaced by an apology by Photobucket. Ouch.

No worries, the estimated time for Photobucket to be back up for everyone is at around 1 p.m. today. Hopefully, Photobucket will no longer be down by then and the site will be done with its “issue resolution”.

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  1. I just did a google search and found your post. My entire blog are these little horrible boxes. And there is nothing I can about it because the person who designed my blog used photobucket to store the photos on *sigh*

  2. Oh no, that's too bad! Well, it's already 1pm here (11pm there, I suppose?) and Photobucket is supposed to have resolved this issue by now. This can't be good. I'm gonna have to transfer my images somewhere else... :(

  3. I just found your blog through google too and I am one of the 'Elite' too. I have almost all my graphics for various sites there (and graphics from comissioners too) and we all see these ugly boxes for over a day now. I really wonder what they are fixing -.-

  4. Ditto. Seemed smart at the time to use photobucket... Good thing my site isn't booming, this is embarrassing. I have the main logo and buttons hosted by photobucket.

  5. Use Imgur instead. Free, more sharing options, and links never die. Only been down once since I've used it.

  6. time to migrate to flicker i guess...this sucks

  7. Good news, Photobucket is up and running again! I'm glad I didn't upload my pictures to another site. But I also hope that Photobucket doesn't undergo site maintenance that long...

  8. Not for everyone Steffie, my photos are still down. That's how I found you, googling to see what is happening.
    I will never ever upload any photo to Photobucket again.

  9. Oh, too bad! :/ Yes, it is rather hard to trust a site that becomes unavailable for that long...

  10. May 26 and mine is still down. The main is down too saying only 1% is affected.