The Frog King by Adam Davies

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

I was browsing in the bookstore today and I saw a book that called out my name. It was a book written by Adam Davies entitled The Frog King. Its very first paragraph said,

Probably I would be better off if I didn’t date E women. With me it’s always been Laurie, Jenni, Candy, Maggie, Debbi, Stacey – all my life, just me and the cheerleading squad. You should find yourself a nice A girl, Keeno always tells me. I can see myself dating a Sasha. There are plenty of girls out there whose names don’t even end in vowels – Megan, Beth, Doris, you name it. I bet I’ve even slept with a few. A friend of mine in college dated a Sam, and she seemed perfectly happy. One thing’s for sure: I should know by now that dating an E girl spells trouble.

My name is Steffie. I’m an E girl. I knew I had to read the book. Already, I’m hooked. The almost superficial, conversational way the author tells the story is something I haven’t read in a while.

It’s a great book for when you want to feel good and forget the little problems you have outside of the written world. Yes, you should get it – especially if you’re dating an E girl.

The Frog King by Adam Davies. If you’re dating someone (or you aren’t and you want to kick yourself for it), then buy it. But be warned: as the back cover of the book says, this is not a fairy tale.

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