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Monday, April 04, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

I feel like I’ve hit a brick road, decided to speed up, and ended up with a broken leg. Still, I lived to tell about it.

Of course, I’m speaking figuratively. Don’t let my cryptic Stef-talk bewilder you. Let my Facebook wall posts do that instead:

Freaking out because your flight was delayed? I wonder how you'd react if your period was delayed instead.

I don't get people who join marathons but use the elevator to get to the showers.

It's true; no matter what you say, no matter how you may want to argue otherwise, we are all reflections of our parents and how they brought us up.

Let's not carry grudges. It's bad for the skin.

I deserve better. Hm, too arrogant. Let me rephrase that: I deserve different.

Perhaps nobody will ever fully understand your life. Perhaps that's why it's special.

‎"Your boyfriend is lucky." -- what a guy would say to find out if you do have a boyfriend. Nothing -- what you should say to keep him wondering.

No matter how bad my day has been, I try to remember... that I look good.

Too many people trying to sneak a peek at my laptop. I've said it before & I'll say it again: I don't hold the winning lotto combination!

Before you start missing someone who broke your heart, think not only of the good things about her, but also of the bad - just so she doesn't smell so good in your thoughts. Yes, you deserve the clarity.

Women need to broaden their definition of a good man. Men need to narrow down their definition of a good woman.

I miss the old me. But I like myself more now - you know, the young me.

You can get anything for your date on Valentine's. Just don't get her pregnant.

The next time you're tempted to say someone's ugly, you might want to remember this: it takes one to know one.

When you get the feeling that you deserve better, you're probably right.

We all have walls. Not because we want people out, but because we want to see who gives enough of a damn to break through them.

Women are high maintenance. And the men who like maintaining them get the privilege to keep them.

I know what to think of cheating husbands. But I don't quite know what to think of women who tolerate their cheating husbands...

When a glass cracks, throw it away before it breaks in your hands.

Yes, my Facebook wall reads like an emotionally charged mood board, but that’s okay. After all, it’s very me.


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Stef dela Cruz is a doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She maintains a health column in Health.Care Magazine and contributes to The Manila Bulletin. Add her to your circles.


  1. love your original FB status updates! ei, keep blogging. lots of good things going 'round here. - r.

  2. Thanks, R! I just hope I knew your first name so I can thank you properly. :)

    I have more of those Facebook updates on my Facebook account (hehe, of course, LOL) so feel free to find me there!