Stanley Chi: Suplado Comedy Night

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“Suplado is the new Sexy.”


– Stanley Chi

Not very many people can pull of being funny – and sexy – like Stanley Chi. Okay, maybe that’s subject to argument. But hey, it’s his night, and he’s holding the microphone, so let’s all sit down and listen.

Suplado Comedy Night was Stanley’s first ever headlined standup stint. He has been doing standup for about six years, so it’s about time he took the reins and showed us more of his suplado stuff. And yeah, while he’s at it, he should also strut his sexy stuff, yeah?

The GrilleryStanley Chi’s Suplado Comedy Night took place last March 4, 2011 at The Grillery, located at a comfy nook in Guijo Street, Makati. Food (which would have been enough to get me to dress up and leave) kept coming, and I feared for my waistline.


Grillery menu Potatoes

Yummy potatoes at The Grillery


And what’s a night of fun and food without friends? I asked Karen to come join us. Like a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed somethin’-somethin’, she came with trinkets for me from Australia.

Karen and Stef 

Introductions, chit-chat, and everything pleasant. No, there was not an iota of supladoness in the room – at least not the kind that makes you go “whatever.” But Stanley’s willing and well-respected minions for the night (TJ and Ony) willingly donned his notorious Suplado t-shirts. And yes, they pulled it off. I guess Suplado is the new Sexy, yes?

Ony Carcamo

Mr. Ony Carcamo, the puppet master, literally



TJ, hosting the night


Then TJ, the night’s host, started it off with a pop. Mr. Ony Carcamo, the one man who has the right to let his puppets speak for him, shared the stage with his favorite piggy, Sampaguita, and his wayward student, Nonoy. Honestly, that puppet scared the bejesus out of me. But Mr. Carcamo managed to make him funny, even to a little-miss-scaredy-cat such as myself.

 Sampaguita and Ony

Ony and Sampaguita


The stage has been set. The suplado vibes have been duly spread. It was finally Stanley’s turn to whip up a storm.

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