Stanley Chi: Suplado Comedy Night II

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Stanley Chi’s Suplado Comedy Night started with a lot of pictures. Yes, documentation is important! As to why, don’t get me started.


Ony Carcamo & Stanley ChiStanley Chi 

The night was unmistakably one of the significant milestones of Stanley Chi’s career. No, having published three books and becoming a TV host were not enough. He simply had to perform onstage, too, like the fine comic he has turned out to be.


Soon enough, it was time for Stanley Chi to spice it up – and he did. In real life and onstage, Stanley sure has many faces:

Stanley Chi

Stanley ChiStanley ChiStanley Chi


Way to go, Stan! You did it! Okay, now that you have enough laurels, will you stop already? But I already know his answer: “Why stop when you’re on a roll? With my charm, with, and tons of s3x appeal, I owe it to my fans to keep going.” (Don’t worry, he only boasts like that when he knows nobody’s listening.)


Stanley Chi Suplado Tips 

This blog post will not be complete without this announcement: Stanley Chi is about to launch his fourth book, SUPLADO TIPS, in a few weeks. With sarcastic witticisms such as “Kung ayaw mong mabasted, huwag kang manligaw!”, I’m sure the book will be another hit. Book launch – be there. Okay?


If I knew I would be laughing so hard, I shouldn’t have eaten too much. But the bloated feeling was worth it. At least I know I wasn’t the only one:

  Stanley ChiStanley Chi


It’s a wrap! Stanley’s special night eventaully had to come to an end. Stan and Ony gamely posed as the Suplados that they arguably were. Did you notice how Sampaguita was posing, too? Boy, Stanley’s supladoness has left quite a wake!


Ony Carcamo and Stanley Chi


I’ve been taking all the pictures, yet I had very few taken of myself! Such was the bane of being the designated photographer. When I told Stanley I would take his pictures in exchange for dough, I didn’t mean fried siopao and hopia. Grrr…


Nonoy, Ony Carcamo and Stef


Kidding aside, kudos to Stanley for pulling it off. He has gone a long way, from being an art director to being an established cartoonist, TV host, producer, author, and standup comic. Does he also sell hardware at Tutuban? He’s been doing so much lately, so you can’t really blame me for asking.


I hate the limelight. Performing shall never be one of the things I will strive to do - I don’t have enough adrenaline to keep me going. And so I take my hats off to Stanley Chi, not only for standing in the limelight, but for basking in it like he was born to take it.



And if you don’t know why I’m posing with a koala stuffed toy,

then you haven’t read it all.

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