Staying a Kid

Sunday, March 06, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

I was a kid before I was ever anything. I wanted to have fun, to play. I loved the outdoors, I loved junk food, I loved stuffed toys, I loved dogs. And even as I grew older, that kid in me never really disappeared.




I remember how I loved crayons when I was a little kid. I would doodle and draw the whole day, trying to use colors to share my dreams and daydreams. It’s like showing the world how you see everything: what’s real, what’s imagined, what’s beautiful, what’s ugly.


And no matter what nonsense I have created, I felt wonderful because I knew that whatever I did would remain that way, at least until time touched it up or weather tore it down. I knew back then that I shared a little bit of myself in everything I created.

And so, Wisdom is what I have salvaged from the calamity named Experience.

Perhaps being a kid gave me more wisdom than I would have realized. I kinda like that.

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