Spirals at Sofitel

Saturday, February 05, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

A few days ago, I had lunch at Sofitel. I know, I know, way too sinful. But that never stopped me from satisfying my curiosity before, yes?

I was writing a blog post for a website and Sofitel was one of the places I had to cover. My job is too cool: I get to write to my heart’s content, I get to eat all I want, and I get paid doing these things. The only thing I regret is the extra pounds coming my way. (Perhaps I should cover a gym?)

Sofitel Spirals buffet lunch

buffet lunch

Sofitel’s Spirals is like a dream come true for food lovers. There’s a sushi bar, a dessert bar, and of course, the international selection of food is just overwhelming. It also helps that right outside the window, it feels like a beach, what with the coconut trees sprinkled along the manicured lawn and the ocean just a stone’s throw away.

Their laksa was to die for. I keep craving for it and hoping I could learn to cook it. Riiiiight.

dessert dessert in a shot glassdessert creme brulee

I also had salmon sashimi, cactus rolls, maki, tempura, and fried Japanese rice. I followed up with lobsters, then prime rib steak smothered with red wine sauce. I stuffed my face with cookies, sweet shots, and creme brulee. Then I read what my fortune cookie said: Live your life today as if you’re meeting God face-to-face tomorrow.

Wow. Was my fortune cookie telling me that I was going to die in my sleep from having eaten too much?

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