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Saturday, February 05, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

My brother and I. He’s a jock, I’m a nerd. I’m thirteen years his senior. But yes, we mesh well together. Despite our differences, we never find reason to disagree.


brother and sister goofing around


Of course, we used to trick each other into leaving the computer because we both wanted to hog internet time. Hehe, good old days. We both like games, so we share an addiction: MMORPGs. And we would go on hunts and quests together to find rare items and earn more money – in online games, that is.


dddd ddddd


My little brother, who used to be a chubby little kid with the cutest face, is now all grown up. But who cares if we have a thirteen-year gap? We get along really well. Thank God I have a brother.


Ew. Just realized how horribly cheesy this post is. Kill me, kill me now.

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