Fish Lumpia Shanghai Recipe

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Filipinos are known for putting a spin on already popular dishes, such as the lumpia shanghai (fried spring rolls), and making another classic hit: fish lumpia shanghai (fried fish spring rolls). Instead of using pork, certain types of fish are used. If you need an authentic Filipino fish lumpia shanghai recipe, I’ve come across a recipe which was written by a Filipino blogger who belonged to a family of cooks. See the recipe here: Fish Lumpia Shanghai Recipe.

fish lumpia shanghai

I tried the Fish Lumpia Shanghai recipe but I didn’t have one ingredient: the Maggi Magic Sarap All-in-One seasoning. I’m not much of a cook, so I don’t have spices and other types of seasoning in my kitchen. However, I am quite familiar with Magic Sarap because everyone, even my parents, use it for cooking. My roommate suggested that I complete the ingredients and compare the previous fish lumpia shanghai I made (without Magic Sarap) with the new fish lumpia shanghai with Magic Sarap.

maggi magic sarap

Magic Sarap. Who knew it was important? Bah, I’m not much of a cook. But now, I know better.

I have to admit, the fish lumpia shanghai with magic sarap really tasted different. The fish lumpia shanghai with Magic Sarap tasted fuller, richer. I understand now why my friend uses it even to cook scrambled eggs. Now I get why my sunny-side-up is always so bland, while my friend makes me the best eggs for breakfast! Ah, and I thought I just gave food a bad taste. >_<

My auntie, now living in the US, asked me if I could send her more Magic Sarap. I told her she could get it from Amazon. For those who want an authentic Filipino recipe of Fish Lumpia Shanghai, here’s where I got the recipe: Fish Lumpia Shanghai Recipe. And if you’re wondering where you can get Maggi Magic Sarap All-In-One Seasoning, this is the link I shared with my aunt: Maggi Magic Sarap All-in-one Seasoning.


A word of advice: just like other types of spices and seasoning, use just a pinch or a dash of Magic Sarap. Don’t use the entire sachet unless you’re cooking for a really big dinner.


Another tip: vinegar is a great dip for fish lumpia shanghai! Always serve your fish spring rolls with vinegar on the side.

Happy cooking! Oh, and do tell me if the fish lumpia shanghai recipe works for you. Enjoy!

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