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Tuesday, February 22, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 12 Comments

Just recently, I rented a condo unit at The Cityland Manila Residences. I then started moving my stuff to my new place. Today, I found out that someone has gone into my new condo unit, turned on the lights, and opened the windows.

cityland manila residences

Believe me, someone else tinkered with these switches.

open window

The window was open – not my doing, either.

I freaked out. I immediately reported everything to the agent who rented the condo unit to me (the agency’s office was located on the first floor of the The Cityland Manila Residences Building). They then patched me to their boss, who told me that perhaps the original owner of the unit hired other agents to help rent out the place and gave duplicates to them.

I flipped even more. They knew this, and they didn’t do anything? Whether or not the agent was involved in giving someone else copies of my keys, they should have secured my unit first before they rented it to me. The agent then assured me that he would make sure a double lock was instantly secured for my safety. He even said he would choose the best double lock for me.

I reported the incident to the guards of The Cityland Manila Residences. First, I reported the incident to the guard stationed at the lobby. Next, I reported the incident to the guard by the entrance. I thought both guards would log my complaint – but hey, let’s save the juicy details for later.

I went to the mall to schedule the delivery of my new bed for Saturday. Given how things were going, I was having doubts about staying there tonight, so I decided that perhaps it was best if I had my new bed delivered a few days from now. On my way back, the agent and even the handyman kept texting me, bugging me as to what time I will come back! They were telling me they lived far so they wanted to go home early.

I told their boss that his agents should stop bugging me. If it was inconvenient for them, it was much more inconvenient for me. The boss said the handyman wanted to go home early because his wife left him and he wanted to make amends.

Okay, I know the handyman should probably go home early, but is it my responsibility to rush all the way back? We have discussed earlier that we would all meet up at my unit at a given time, so I made plans before that time came. And honestly, given the entire my-home-has-been-trespassed-into situation, shouldn’t they be making amends instead of making demands?

When I came back to my unit, the boss of the agency wanted to oversee the installation of my new lock. After it was installed, he suddenly handed me the receipt of the double lock, asking for payment. Oh, and he also told me he would be coming back on Saturday to charge me for labor "which, by the way, is an additional P350,” he added.

He then asked me why I didn’t report anything to the guards. He said he asked the guards downstairs and they didn’t log any complaint. What on earth –?!

Okay. Should I start looking for a new place? What do you think?


I don’t look too harassed in this picture, I hope…

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  1. Hi Steffie! As a condo owner,I can totally relate to your situation. Everytime I have a new tenant, I like to change the main door locks as well as the main bedroom. As a responsible lessor, I see lock changing as part of my obligation to my tenant and his family.

    I suggest you require your landlady to change your locks. You should also be allowed to choose the installers.

  2. WOW! You have a very beautiful view outside of your condo.

    Great blogyou have here. Be back soon.

    Angelo H

  3. I think you have a nice place, but if you are not comfortable to stay there anymore, you better find a new place with a better security.


  4. @Alma: Yes, I also believe that the broker or owner SHOULD have paid for the lock change, especially because of the supposed trespassing. Thanks for your sentiments. :)

    @condo manila: Thanks, Angelo H. Hope to see you here soon!

    @condo Philippines (Pia): I've already started moving in so I'll try to weather it out. Hopefully, no more mishaps. :)

  5. I am also looking at moving into this particular condo since my work is just across the street. Unfortunately, the unit I want has been reserved and I have to consider now about moving to a bigger (but much more expensive) unit :(

  6. Hi- i was wondering if you could give the email of your agent. I have a unit at manila residence and i am looking for someone who will manage it for me.Thanks! wen

  7. Wen, did you even read what's written in the blog post? I don't particularly like the way my condo unit was treated, and you want me to refer you? That's irrational if you ask me.

  8. Whoa! That is scary! We have our place (also a condo unit) in QC rented out as well. But since our family is now here in Singapore, we had our condo's management plus security personnel (buti na lang I'm quite chummy with a number of them) check our place from time to time especially when it's vacant. My bro-in-law is also staying beside our unit so he checks out the place when a tenant moves out. It's fully furnished (with a flat screen tv pa -- gand my Hubby's toys!) so you know how anxious we are about it.

    Although we don't change locks all the time (since it is very inconvenient and our tenants do not stay for long periods), we make sure that we have a sturdy lock (from the inside) so out tenants feel secure.

    I feel for you. Move out now if it's possible. Safety should be your concern. =(

  9. I'm kinda stuck here, for better or for worse. But so far, no other mishaps. Plus I'm rarely alone now, making me feel a little safer. :)

    Tin, it must be really haaaaaard not being around to monitor your own unit! But you're lucky you have your relatives to do that for you, especially coz it's fully furnished! I just hope that your unit (and mine) stay safe forever. :)

  10. How much to own a unit in CityLAnd Mania Residence? :)

  11. Anonymous, unfortunately, I'm not an agent so I have no idea. And it's Manila Residences, not Mania Residences - hehe, those are two different things, if you get my drift. ;)