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Thursday, January 27, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Okay, here’s the deal: I work more efficiently outside than in my own room. I often find myself in a coffee shop, laptop in hand, working till the wee hours of the morning while sipping coffee and getting high on dessert. Today, as expected, is no different. Thank God there’s a Gloria Jean’s coffee shop in Dagupan City.

gloria jeans dagupan city 

I expect a lot from coffee houses like Gloria Jean’s. After all, they do have a name to protect. So, I was surprised when the male barista held my cup by the rim, with his fingers dipping into the inside of the cup. I was on the verge of having a mini stroke when I saw him toss the cup unceremoniously on the desk. Yes, the cup was on its side, rolling around and possibly gathering all the microbes on the desk.

I asked the barista to please handle the cup by the side, instead of by the mouth. He smiled and followed my instructions. I asked for non fat iced latte, but low fat milk was the closest option available.

gloria jeans coffee 

My iced latte tasted okay. It looked too pale and perhaps a little too milky; as an iced latte lover, I feel that it should have perhaps more of the coffee and less of the milk. The barista also taped the cover onto the plastic cup, saying they ran out of covers for the small cup (you can see the tape on the picture above). Sigh, I had to painstakingly remove the tape to stir in my sweetener.

I also ordered a chocolate mousse cake. It was fine, except that it wasn’t as fresh as I wanted it. A barista said all their cakes that day were baked just the night before. Perhaps it was the crust and the icing that threw me off; maybe the cake was kept too cold. The icing was starting to crust and the brownie base was getting too hard for me to enjoy.

gloria jeans choco mousse

Gloria Jean’s in Dagupan has free WiFi. Their crew was nice enough, perhaps nicer than I expected. The store was in need of maintenance as the paint on the tables and chairs were starting to chip. But overall, Gloria Jean’s in Dagupan City is still good enough for a lazy afternoon and a nice cup of coffee.

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