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Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Again, a recap of stuff I’ve posted on my Facebook wall. It has taken a beating lately, especially because I’ve been throwing scraps of my thoughts onto it.

I am the queen of the universe and you are all my servants! Bwahaha! Ok, I should seriously stop eating chocolates while drinking coffee…

Yes, I'm single! Why, are you double?!

They ask me why I have a blog. I say it's because I have a brain.

Do I dare go to the mall on Christmas Eve? Translation: "Do I want to commit suicide via stampede?"

If it's too good to be true, maybe it's because you're not good enough to deserve it.

A truth told without tact is arguably better than a lie told without remorse.

We always have a gut feeling about the people around us. If we get bamboozled or cheated on, maybe it's because, in part, we ignored that gut feeling. Nobody, not even the village idiot, is completely clueless.

Priorities. Before you set them, make sure you're one of them.

An educated guess is better than an uneducated certainty.

On commuting: When you're about to stay in your seat for 6 hours, you better make sure you're sitting beside someone who at least smells human.

I’m so happy that pessimists all over the world are shaking their heads, whispering fiercely behind my back, plotting to get rid of me because I’ve messed with the balance of their negativity.

Can't sleep? Call somebody really boring.

If we could "unlike" people on Facebook, the world would be a more interesting place.

When you have so many user-friendly friends, who needs enemies?

So, explain this to me: why do so many people post bad bikini pictures on Facebook? It's way too self-incriminatory.

Lies are just like really ugly clothes: I don't buy 'em.

If we could "backspace" people, imagine the possibilities...

Guys, like us girls, also have hearts. It just so happens that the heart is not their biggest organ.

Just when I thought the world is as it should be, I realize that my cat just farted.

‎"Nobody can keep you from the one person you wanna be with." -- favorite quote of Stalkers Anonymous. Let me guess... you're a member.

I have had it with men who pee in the streets. The world is not your bathroom!

Facebook nonsense. Moments. Milestones. They’re all the same, yes?

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