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Thursday, December 23, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

When a game show asks questions during a segment, you would expect that the answers would at least be correct. After all, it’s the show’s writers making the questions – and they wouldn’t formulate questions that they can’t answer, would they?


But when a game show with millions of viewers such as Wowowee (no longer being aired) asks a question and provides a blatantly wrong answer, do the contestants have a right to file a complaint? Do they get a second chance to win what would have been theirs if the show didn’t mess up in the first place?




In one of the aired episodes of Wowowee, the following question was asked:

Ano ang mas mabigat sa dalawa, one ounce of cotton o one ounce of gold? (Which of the two is heavier, one ounce of cotton or one ounce of gold?)
  • a. One ounce of cotton
  • b. Parehas (Same)
  • c. One ounce of gold

The contestants chose their answers by queuing up under the letter of their answer. I was expecting the line of contestants under the letter B*** to advance to the next stage. So I was pulling at my hair in outrage when Mr. Willie Revillame said that the correct answer was “Gold, letter C!!!”


In other words, the contestants who deserved to win the jackpot never even got a shot at it because the show made a mistake. Yes, it’s a given that people make mistakes. But the question is, in instances such as this one, are the contestants allowed another shot? Should they be happy with a consolation price for the inconvenience? Are there laws indicating what game show contestants can do?


I’m just as surprised that nobody – not anyone from the crew nor any of the hosts – noticed the flagrant error.


***Note: Just in case you’re thinking, “Gold is heavier than cotton, what is this idiot blogger talking about?!” then this note is meant for you. You see, dear friend, although gold is heavier than cotton, one ounce of cotton obviously has the same weight as one ounce of gold. They’re both ONE OUNCE heavy. Duh.

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  1. tsk tsk tsk... IQ!!!!! hehe =D

  2. Well, I can't blame the hosts. But the show's writers should have seen it coming. Wonder if the contestants even realized they've been had.