Why There Are Rainbows

Monday, December 13, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

After years of living in the city, I find myself usually jaded. But once in a while, things happen that shake me out of my numbness. Today, I woke up and I saw, of all things, a full rainbow – unbroken, complete from end to end – acting like a billboard of significance, a marker of sorts.


A rainbow is a natural paradox. It can only exist when it rains while the sun continues to shine. It’s a firm reminder that sadness can sometimes play a part in the overall picture of bliss. It’s something that’s out there for everyone to see, but no matter how we try to get close enough, we shall never touch it. Paradox after paradox…


Yes, people sometimes forget these things – and that the picture is never black and white. White will never be if not for the colors that make it up. And I think that’s why there should always be rainbows: just so we always remember.


Even the rainbow agrees with me.Yes, it’s a day of milestones.



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