Why Men And Women Don’t Get Each Other

Thursday, December 02, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

It’s way too obvious to be ignored: men and women tend to flail around each other. Women don’t understand why men prioritize their work, while men feel that women’s moods are so hard to figure out.

Story of my life – and probably yours.

But the fact that men and women can’t understand each other is no mystery. In fact, science has dedicated a lot of research towards understanding not only the sociologic and psychological explanation of this seemingly great divide, but also the neurochemical and anatomical differences between the male and female brain.

Yeah, I know, that sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo. So here’s everything, simplified, and given in more easily digestible servings. (We may not understand the opposite gender, but I do hope you’ll understand the next few paragraphs. ^_^)

  • Men have a narrow field of vision while women look at the bigger picture. Primitive men were hunters; they had to learn to focus on their prey – and that alone – for survival. Males are therefore more skilled at focusing on one task at a time. Primitive women, on the other hand, need to pay attention to little cues from their environment, such as noises around their home which might mean approaching wild animals, and little changes in their children that may indicate illness. Women are then more intuitive and tend to notice even the little things, making them experts at taking in the big picture.
  • Men like solving problems while women like talking about them. Tests indicate that men get higher scores in math. Women, on the other hand, get higher scores in language subjects. That’s technical-speak for “men deal with problems by solving them, while women deal with problems by dissecting and discussing them.” (Note to men: as a member of the female population, I highly suggest that you not try to solve problems that girls share with you. They just might be looking for someone to talk to, not someone to show them they suck at problem-solving.)why men and women are different 
  • Even men’s and women’s brains are different from each other. Harvard University conducted a study and found out that women have more closely packed neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. This means that connections between neurons are much closer, and women’s brains are expected to work faster than men’s.
  • However, men use less areas of their brain to process information. When women and men are asked to pronounce one word, women use more areas of their brain while men accomplish the same task using a smaller area. This may indicate that men are more efficient when it comes to certain mental tasks.

Men and women are so different in terms of evolution, psychology, sociology, and anatomy. But the way I see it, these differences are a good thing. After all, it’s because we’re so different that we have so much to share.

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