Stating the Obvious

Wednesday, December 08, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

When you stop living in your mind and start living in the real world, you run out of issues… and you run low on emotional gasoline for words that slay.


Oh, no.


Spending time with friends and family has served as my catharsis. Now, I have no toxic waste in my mind to write about. Very little emotional baggage remains – and I am scratching my head, wondering if I should think of this as a good thing.


Everything that used to seem urgent now seems trivial. Issues that used to be of utmost importance have evolved into minor setbacks. Problems have faded away into scars that I now look at with a certain nostalgic fondness.

I knew it. Sigh. Pessimists all over the world are shaking their heads, whispering fiercely behind my back, plotting to get rid of me because I’ve messed with the balance of their negativity.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a girl in pigtails and pink ribbons, either. Sweet nothings and saccharine dispositions make me gag. However, optimism is something that seems to emanate from my pores. Thinking of good things is almost like making sure they happen – at least in my life.


But if you’re thinking my life is all dandy, you’re way off track. I still feel pretty much deprived of a lot of things. A work in progress – that’s what I want to think of my psyche.


So, what’s the hullabaloo all about? What’s the stitch? There is none.


Wait, is that for real? Scary. I’m not used to normalcy... but I just might get used to this.


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