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Stability. Everybody craves it. Every girl I know would love to put on color on their faces, bat their eyelashes and pretend they were sweet, perfect candidates for a lifelong partnership.


I don’t know, but there’s just something about that idea that doesn’t sit well with me.


I’ve had that stability for a short time and all I could think of was, “It’s too darn quiet.” I needed a little noise, a little shaking things up. There was just way too much sugar.


And too much peace, for me, was utter chaos. What I’d do to feel like I’m fighting a battle to win a war. What I’d do to feel that I want to win. Feeling that would make me feel like I own the world. I have always wanted to author my own life, choosing even the people who get to participate in it.


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I guess I just want something to shake me to my very core. Passion isn’t something you can always find when your life is so stable that it starts to reek of boredom. And for me, passion is something I can never live without.

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