Visa, Mastercard, PayPal Websites Down

Thursday, December 09, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

If you’re trying to access PayPal and can’t seem to log on, you’re not alone. The PayPal website is currently down, and if you try to open their website, you will encounter an Internal Server Error.


Should this be reason for you to panic?


Different countries are complaining that the PayPal servers are currently down. It does seem to be cause for alarm as PayPal always notifies its users before shutting down their servers for maintenance. However, in this case, PayPal seems to have shut down without prior notice. Has someone hacked into PayPal?


There’s news on the Internet about hackers planning to attack PayPal after successfully targeting Mastercard’s website.


At 5 in the morning today, Mastercard went offline as hackers allegedly attacked it. The attack was spurred by the WikiLeaks issue; because Mastercard denied its users to donate to, an anti-secrecy website, hackers allegedly attacked Mastercard earlier today.


Later, Visa’s website also crashed. In fact, Visa was warned of the attack via Twitter, down to the minute that their servers shall crash.


visa mastercard paypal down


As for PayPal, it seems they were next on the hackers’ roster. Let’s hope all the users still have their money once the servers are back up.





All three websites seem to be up and functioning again. However, after the successful hacking attempts, security issues may still pop up. Let’s all hope Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal are now fully back online.


The Twitter account owned by Anonymous, the group responsible for the hacking attacks, has been suspended. However, sources reveal that the last tweet revealed a link that showed confidential consumer credit card info.

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  1. It's Jan 27, 2011 & I can't access PayPal server ;o(

  2. Too bad! What happened? Hope the issue has been resolved... :)