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Sunday, November 28, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Okay. Here’s the thing. We have a decent dining room, with enough seats to accommodate everyone. So I don’t get why we always have to bring the food outside on the decaying wooden bed whenever we have relatives coming over.

What’s with that???

resisting luxuryI just find it weird, that’s all. It seems that my family, um, “resists” luxury. Makes me wonder why that is.


Aunti Bel and me

My aunt came back to the Philippines after years of staying with her husband and kids in the U.S. (I was asking her to move back here for good… Tee hee…) 

Ina and me

Me and Ina. She’s my only living grandparent.

My aunt bought funny hats for her kiddos for when it gets cold in Washington. Of course, it was something my brother and I just had to try on. Yes, I know, we look like dorks. WE DON’T CARE. 

Me and KojakMe and Kojak

Do my brother and I even look alike? People say we don’t. But we share so much in common, like our propensity to act like mentally-challenged weirdoes whenever we were together. We also like the same food… which means we usually invent games and compete for, say, the last piece of chocolate chip cookie. Every minute is like a half-cooked adventure whenever we put our heads together.


Oh, I almost forgot. My brother and I sneaked out and went on a road trip. See? We are always up to no good.

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