The Sun Shines Everyday

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Ooh, ooh, today’s a sunny day! Time to make the most of it. ^_^


I’ve been practicing how to write like an angst-filled teenager. Have I been succeeding? Maybe. But it’s just not who I am. I can’t seem to sustain being “in that zone” for more than a day because my mind struggles to be free of the notion. I am not a tortured loser!!! my mind seems to scream out at me.


It’s time to gather the barbs I’ve thrown out and slather on balm for the wounds that hurt. (Also, enough writing as that persona I’ve been working on for the story. Even I can’t take it anymore!)


In the spirit of staying true to oneself, I’m declaring peace with everything pink and cotton-candy. Sigh, I hate being a softie. But sometimes, it’s just something you have to be to get others to breathe better.


I shall make cream of mushroom soup today! Man, that’s totally out of topic.

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