Smoking is Hot… Not!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

What do you think about smokers who insist on smoking in front of their friends who don’t smoke?


no smoking


A few days ago, I spent the night talking to a friend of mine who was helplessly addicted to cigarettes. It would have been fine, but he kept smoking away even after I said I couldn’t care less for the second-hand smoke.


You see, I think smoking is not cool.


Since he was a friend of mine, I coughed my way through our conversation. I swear, I aged ten years in one night.


Him: Let’s stay outdoors so I can smoke.

Me: But I don’t smoke.

Him: Well, I have to smoke. Let’s stay outside!

Me: I don’t want to inhale second-hand smoke.

Him: Come on, you’re killing my buzz.

Me: *mumble mumble*


Hookay. Is it just me, or is there something not quite right with that conversation?




Fast forward to today. I’m still coughing in between sentences and I now have a raspy voice. Sexy, yes, but totally unhealthy. I can probably sing like Macy Gray now but do I really need that? I would rather have my annoying, normal voice back.


Besides, smokers have such nasty breath. Now, tell me, who wants that?

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  1. Also an anti-smoking here.
    Most of those smokers really think it's cool. Second hand smoke is also my dilemma because my officemates do it in our CR despite the fact that it is a non smoking area - I don't want to generalize but most smokers are insensitive and undisciplined (that makes them selfish too.)
    Oh, sorry the rants.
    Nice blog. Have a great smoke free day!

  2. Thanks, Yodz. Yep, it becomes annoying when smokers smoke in public vehicles, in public places, and virtually everywhere else where they won't get caught. Sigh...