Road Trip

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Who: Kojak and me (and Sarah)

What: Road trip

Where: Pangasinan – Calasiao – Malasiqui – Villasis – Rosales

When: November 28

How: Sneak out with the car

Why: For fun. Duh.


It was a spur of the moment thing.


“Hey Kojak. Wanna sneak out today?”

“Hmm. Where are we going?”

“Who cares?”

“You’re right. I’ll get the keys.”

“Hurry! Don’t tell anyone.”


And they think I’m such a good sister.


As part of the pseudo-devious plot, I asked Kojak’s girlfriend, Sarah, to tag along:

SarahKojakKojak and Sarah

Sarah kept feeding Kojak while he was behind the wheel. They were so sweet. I hate them.


We went to the nearest SM Mall (which was about a million towns away). My brother was bone-tired because he drove the entire time, poor thing. Oh well, that’s what he gets for having a girlfriend while I’m single. That’s just about fair. There has to be balance in this world, yes?


I imposed a stopover and asked the couple to pose while we were in the middle of nowhere:

Adrian and Sarah


Sarah was like 5’9”. She towered over me. Geez, and I thought I was tall :

Sarah and Stef


Of course, the day wouldn’t have been complete without us stuffing our faces – and my brother didn’t miss the opportunity to document me pigging out.

pigging out

pigging out

“Kumakain ako, ano ber???”


What we had for snacks: putong puti, empanada, ice cream, chocolate bar with coffee bits, Crave (different types of chicharon).


We went shopping for Christmas gifts. Of the three of us, I was the one who had the hardest time figuring out what to buy. What do you get people who already have everything? Why do I even have friends who have everything? (Note to self: I need to rethink my roster of friends…)


I felt bad. So, we terrorized the Kid’s Section.

Adrian and Stef

StefSarah and Stef

Sarah and me. They say we look like sisters. I also noticed a handful of people giving us the do-over. Yeah, I know, we looked like a couple of freakishly tall Amazons especially when we walked alongside each other.


I have to say, Kojak and Sarah really look good together here. If you ask me, I think the pig hats did the trick.

Adrian and Sarah


I had to wear my cat ears till we got home. I looked STUPID. I felt like I should surrender my professional license and quit my practice altogether. I belong in a zoo, I mean look at meeeeh!

leopard earsleopard ears

leopard ears


On our way home, we dropped by a haunted house. Kojak, the scaredy-cat that he was, had to hesitate. It doesn’t look too scary, does it?haunted house

We concluded our day-long trip with dinner at Kuya Max’s alond De Venecia Road. Crispy hito (catfish), eggplants with tomatoes, salted eggs, mangoes, onions, and shrimp paste, then chicken with malunggay leaves.


crispy hito saladKuya Max's   Sarah and StefDinner at Kuya Max’s just about did me in. There was free WiFi, too. Free Internet in the middle of nowhere, would you believe? The world is no longer as I know it.

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