No Backspace

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Loitering in my mind is the idea of abandoning a cause. I have turned my back, several times without remorse, over even the most trivial of reasons.


Is it about to happen again?


I am getting fed up. Kids should be left to play with other kids. I do not own a daycare center and have no intention of EVER owning one. Immaturity is a contagious sickness and I do not want to contract that disgusting illness.


They say people who give up never win. Hell, what’s with all the winning? I never even thought it was a game. Spare me, please. I am above and beyond child’s play.


Oh no, my walls. They’re higher than ever. I shall not be surprised if one day, people will start to think I’m a hermit living inside my own mind. My thoughts are becoming my best friends, with every idea and every emotion soothing my frayed nerves. I know I need to stay sane, so please don’t judge me. I have no intention of pushing people away; I just instinctively do.


THERE IS NO BACKSPACE IN LIFE. You make one mistake and you live with it for the rest of your life. Is that not enough reason to haul ass and abandon ship when you know it’s about to sink? I want to survive. I want to LIVE.


Holy moly I’ve done it again.


***Thank god nobody reads my blog.

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