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Thursday, November 25, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

My Facebook wall is my stress ball. Yes, I know, my Facebook wall looks like a lifetime’s worth of therapy. Words have always been my allies. Even when sometimes they hide from me, in the end I find the right things to say.

Er, well, as long as I won’t be asked to speak in Tagalog…

going online

And here are the words that once graced my Facebook wall:

When you fail, you get the chance to start again. And this time, you get to do it better.
Procrastination. Why it exists, I'll never really know. Maybe I should find it out right now! Okay, maybe later...
Not all tweets and posts have to be informative. Only non-smart people want to be smart about everything - it's called COMPENSATING.
When you feel like nobody’s got your back, when life is tough and everybody seems to be ganging up on you, always remember… to wash your hands after you use the bathroom.
Boys are not toys. They just happen to rhyme.
I am just human. I can't give what I don't have. I can't offer what I don't receive. I am not a superhero (although I may look just as hot as one).
Do you sometimes feel like the computer screen is trying to hypnotize you into staying online longer than you should???
I would like to thank all the cab drivers who did not refuse to convey me today. May they always have bread on the table... and really hot wives.
It’s okay to be stupid… as long as you don’t believe you’re actually smart.
There's this guy who won't take no for an answer. Short of bitch-slapping him, I don't know how else to fend him off. I need a fake boyfriend. Or an automatic rifle.
Even if I didn’t have the time, I’d make time. I’m just that good.
Note to self: do not listen to music while crossing the street. That’s not how you want to go to heaven.

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