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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

“Yes, sometimes it takes a lot of quiet strength to make a point. The noise of past fashion takes a humble backseat to the more recent stand of minimalism. Simple has become the new sexy. Perhaps it has always been that way, and those who knew all along will quietly hold that over our heads.”


I can’t believe I said that. Are those really my words? Am I really blogging about fashion now? I feel like a little kid lost in a ball and all I can think about is, “I want one of them ball gowns.”


Fine. I admit it. I like the clothes, I like writing about them, and I like getting paid for every word I write. I don’t care, it’s my life, get over it. :D


fashion show

Aranaz Fashion Show November 2010

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