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Saturday, November 20, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

What I accomplished (or what I didn’t) yesterday:


1. I did not write the article I pinky-swore to submit. Eh, well. It was due last week anyway.

2. I did not clean my room. You see, in my head, my room is like soap: it cleans itself.

3. I gave P500 to pay for P35 and forgot to get my change. Merry Christmas to the lucky bastard who still has my money.

4. I discovered a quaint little Italian restaurant that serves non-boring food. Even better, they also serve illegally strong cocktails.

5. I found out once again that cigarettes really are addicting and I’m lucky to have quit. But wow, that was my first puff in five years. I hate myself.


Things to do tomorrow:


1. Write a letter of apology for submitting an article a week after its deadline.

2. Get enough motivation to clean my room. (Scaring myself into thinking that maggots will crawl all the way here to set up camp will pretty much do the trick. I hate maggots! Awful little critters...)

3. Daydream about finding that bus and getting back my change. Hey, I’m celebrating Christmas, too, yes?

4. Promise myself not to eat Italian for one whole week. I do not want to end up looking like a pig. I refuse to look like I deserve to say “oink” in pictures.

5. Upload photos. That is, if I even get down to this part of the list.


Hey, I’m not always the Type A busybody everyone expects me to be. I’m a cross between a lazy hippie and Grinch. These are my issues… let it go already.


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