China Helps Out Indonesia (Tsunamis)

Thursday, November 11, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Taufik Kiemas, the Speaker of the People’s Consultative Assembly of China, declared last Tuesday that their government will help Indonesia in preparing for tsunamis. They plan to help in the acquisition of warning devices and equipment.

china helps indonesia tsunami

Taufik also said that China’s plan to provide technical assistance is their way of showing solidarity with Indonesia; after all, both countries are being faced with disasters at the same time. But this reasoning is so selfish in nature; imagine helping someone out just because you’re going through the same thing. Isn’t there a better reason to help someone out? Perhaps Taufik should choose his words carefully before he speaks.

Aside from technical and financial help, the government of China also plans on consulting with a team of scientists who specialize in tsunamis, Hajriyanto Thohari, China’s Deputy Speaker, added further. Hm, maybe they should have done this long ago, instead of just now.

About a year ago, Indonesia has already put up a system capable of providing early warning signals in case a tsunami is about to hit. Unfortunately, the installed system did not give off a warning before the most recent tsunami hit Mentawai Islands. Four hundred people died because of the tsunami.

indonesia tsunami warning system

The early warning device was unsuccessful after some of its parts have been looted. But where would the looters sell the spare parts? Sigh. After being struck by tsunamis over and over, Indonesia should really lay out much better plans.

china helps indonesia tsunami 

Or maybe I just need breakfast so I’d stop bitching.

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