The Case of the Denied Choice

Wednesday, December 01, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

Every little thing we do is a choice.

Waking up in the morning and choosing to sleep in a few minutes longer is a choice we can make. Having coffee and skipping the sugar is a decision, a choice all our own.

Every little thing. A decision, a choice. That is the one thing that makes life the gift that it is: the freedom to choose.

Even when circumstances push us into a corner, everything we do, we do because we decide to do it. Isn’t that the premise of the whole justice system, that we’re responsible for everything we do even if we’re ignorant of the rules? Or maybe I’m a moral slob and I need to reexamine my principles in life. And whether or not I decide to do that, it’s my choice. I have been given the gift of choice. My choice.

Never shall I say I didn’t mean to do it. I will give myself credit for everything I do, including the mistakes that I would like to undo even if it meant having to die ten times over.

I’m past feeling sad for anyone but myself. I know better now. The whole world is a big mess. Its stories, its tendency to throw out tidal waves, its genetic monsters and tales of human woe – all of it is a big circus of a mess. There is, however, one thing that keeps me from feeling like life has chosen me for an experiment: I have chosen not to skip the sugar.

Doesn’t make sense? The hell it does. Reading this blog post was your choice – don’t blame me if you don’t get it.


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  1. by choosing not to skip sugar...does that mean literally (yet you opt to take 'sugar-free' sugar) OR figuratively, that you'll take life's sweetness and madness just as it comes. damn, those guilty pleasures do sound too good. trying to make some complex simplicity comments to sound intellectual. ahhh...midlife. miss you bru. call up if you miss ayn rand.

  2. I no longer use Splenda - I don't skip the sugar anymore, both figuratively and literally. :)