Mind Over Matter

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

A truth can be expressed in a million ways, much in the same way that a star can be defined by words, by math, in terms of age or of brightness or of how many light years away it is, in longitudes and latitudes.

In the same way, we may define love/friendship/luck/god in different ways. A glass can be half full or half empty;  the gas station a mile away or a mile nearby. Eventually, what may matter more than our definition of things is WHY we define them in that way.

How we look at the world will reveal a lot about us, especially about what is to happen. That’s because hope is ultimately what you call the distinct line between the lucky bastard and the bastard who thinks it will never happen. And while other people call it hope, some call it perseverance. Either way, it’s a will that can not be shaken by the fiercest storm. This stubborn will yields results eventually; after all, so many things around us would never have been if their inventors stopped believing after the hundredth failure.

“Argue that there is a fence around your yard, and sure enough you will never venture out of it.”

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  1. a glass maybe half full or half empty depending on that person holding the glass. Yes, probably it depends on his/her situation, perception, or past experiences. That's why I often remind myself not to judge anyone. Because we view things differently just because we have different sets of experiences and environments. But one thing is sure, it is always best to see the glass half full rather than half empty. It is a matter of appreciation.