Men and Women In Bed

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

So many men have absolutely no idea how to please a woman. But it’s not like it’s always the men’s fault; after all, women always fake it. So how on earth are men supposed to learn?



It’s just funny how men “think” they know what to do in bed. They think that size, length, and girth matter. They think that a woman will get the same pleasure as they do from the same things that they do.


And women, oh women. They lead men into thinking that what they are doing is right. Nobody has the guts to say, “Um, that’s not doing anything for me” or “Maybe you should try doing this instead.” Instead, us women always aim to please.


Thing is, a man who strives to please you instead of just himself is a keeper. Not because he’s good in bed (well, okay, maybe that’s a factor to think about), but because it means he’s thinking of you, too. He cares enough to even give a damn.


But in the end, it’s up to the woman to set things straight, to teach a man how to be a man in bed. We all owe it to ourselves. :)

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