Figaro SmartConcept Promo Card Scam

Thursday, July 15, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 7 Comments

There are SmartConcept agents going around town selling promo (discount) cards for Figaro. The promo cards are real and valid at all Figaro branches. Unfortunately, the agents selling these cards are doing a lot of low-brow schemes to sell them – and Figaro doesn’t seem to give a damn.

Someone I know bought one of these discount cards because the SmartConcept agent promised him free Wi-Fi access until the end of the year. This guy verified this fact several times with the agent before he finally purchased the discount card for PhP399. Other than the free Wi-Fi that the agent promised, the promo card included a lot of freebies, such as free pizza, free coffee, free tea, and many other great deals.

figaro smartconcept promo card 

Too good to be true? Well, it was. You see, the agent’s pants were on fire. Having discovered that he’s been had, the guy who bought the discount card complained at a Figaro branch the next day. Figaro’s official response: “The agency must have misunderstood; please contact them for your complaints.”

Hookay. First of all, Figaro is affiliated with this agency. The discount cards are valid. If the agents made false claims OR if they will claim they’ve been “misinformed,” isn’t Figaro still supposed to be helping customers iron out these issues instead of asking them to do so on their own? Instead, Figaro is not interested in doing anything with these complaints. Shouldn’t they be actively seeking out these agents who are obviously ripping off a lot of Figaro customers?

Well, maybe Figaro simply doesn’t care about their customers as long as they sell the discount cards and make money. I’m so disappointed because I get the feeling that if this had anything to do with Starbucks, this wouldn’t be happening.

Note: I am not affiliated with Starbucks. This is not a paid article.

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  1. hi gusto kong bumili ng discount card ng figaro sino b pwedeng bumili?? here is my # 09093891704

  2. Bili ka sa sari-sari store meron yan.


  4. That's sad to hear what happened to your friend. But when you said "I’m so disappointed because I get the feeling that if this had anything to do with Starbucks, this wouldn’t be happening."

    Why do you think its going to be better if this happened to Starbucks? Is there a precedent to support that Starbucks is better in handling customer complaints that Figaro. If yes, can you please share it with us.

    Note: I am not affiliated with Starbucks or Figaro or any coffee industry. This is not a paid reply. :)(big smile)

  5. Starbucks has DEFINITELY responded to my queries much better in the past. :) But the story is rather long, and that's material for another blog post - so I'll save it for later. Suffice to say that Starbucks has responded much better to my grievances before. They took responsibility instead of washing their hands.

    As for Figaro, I was there when my friend made the complaint. I watched in disbelief when the manager from Figaro asked my friend to file a complaint with the card agency instead of bothering Figaro about it. According to him, Figaro was not going to take action. They were not even going to refund my friend's money, even if the agent representing Figaro lied to my friend about the card.

    I asked the manager personally, "Is Figaro officially affiliated with the agency selling the cards?" His answer: "Yes." Too bad they can't do anything about an "official affiliate agency". They should at least help customers who've been duped by an agency directly representing them, yes?

  6. Hi Teacher Ia,

    I'm sure that if it happened in Starbucks (Which I doubt it will ever happen.) I'm sure that they will handle the situation differently. Starbucks is owned by Rustan's and they have protocols in these types of situations, I have friends who actually work there.

    Hope we can have coffee soon at Figaro, para ma-experience mo ang service nila hehe!

    Note: I am also not affiliated with Starbucks or Figaro or any coffee industry. This is also not a paid reply. :)(bigger smile.)