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but it is not till dawn that the sun pretends to love me

not till dawn when the light starts to discern

that i am searching for more than brightness

for brightness blinds my eyes, hides my soul


and it is not till dawn that darkness becomes shy

not till dawn that the shadows understand

that i am looking for more than refuge

for refuge defeats my will, vanquishes my spirit


it is only at the break of dawn

that my heart starts to beat again

it is then that the reign of gloom is almost over

but the brilliance of day is not quite there


and the love that i have

for the one beside me

overcomes the shadows

overcomes the brightness


and the one true thing that holds sway

of my heart, of the shadows and brightness in my heart,

are his eyes that open slowly

to tell me the truth about dawn.


--Stef (2005)

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