Made in China

Saturday, May 22, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Life is fragile. Of all people, I should know this by heart. Having been sickly (and a mainstay of the hospital) since I was an infant, I know that I am basically living on borrowed time – and my debt is growing.

For a fleeting moment, I almost forgot that I should be grateful… until three people I know were admitted to the ICU in a matter of two days. Sadly, one of them, a dear family friend living abroad, died an unexpected death after just two days of experiencing nausea and headaches. She was supposed to graduate today.

When it rains, it doesn’t just pour; it floods, results in overflowing dams, and leads to a national state of calamity. And I keep wondering, when am I next? Isn’t it my turn yet?

made in china After being labeled as “Made in China” by my rehab doctor when she realized that my body had defective bones, cartilages, and tendons, I felt slightly outraged. Aside from that statement being rather racist (and very insulting to our Chinese friends), being bluntly stereotyped as defective was not something I could swallow comfortably. Still, I kept my tongue in check because I knew the doctor was simply trying to make a point.

But to make things clear: NO, I’m NOT Chinese. And I’ll brandish my Samurai sword – who minds the bloodshed? – if anybody dares to refute my word.

And defective or not, I know exactly how to wield my sword… er, maybe not literally, but figuratively at least. This rather frail person, ladies and gentleman, is armed and dangerous, ready for battle. Bring it!

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