Tourists in Our Own City … Part 1

Thursday, January 21, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

My friend Carlo and I decided to “rediscover” the city because we haven’t been here in years. We met up in Cafe du Marc which, although in much need of maintenance, was actually a good restaurant.01142010787

A little later, my brother joined us for lunch. He knew I was paying, so he literally ran to meet us. Hehe.


01142010793My brother ate his usual “breakfast for lunch” while Carlo got himself a Beef Rendang, which he referred to as “ginataang baka na may curry powder.” I had Chicken Parmigiana, which I said was “breaded chicken na may keso at tomato sauce.” Well, that’s us, we butcher what’s on the menu. ;P

Carlo and I talked about the presidentiables, arguing like we owned the place. Adrian listened, amused, looking at Carlo’s pants and wanting to know where he got them.

We made plans of watching Sherlock Holmes.

01142010802Before we left, we asked a waiter to take our picture. But he said something so inappropriate that my brother almost gave him a piece of his mind.

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  1. and don't forget the computer guy. hayzz ha h aha...

  2. now i remember! he thought you were my boyfriend. hookay, in one day, someone thought my brother was my boyfriend, then another person thought you were my boyfriend. what does that tell us?