A blue-eyed cat… Part 3

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Surprisingly, even when it was 12 noon, the breeze was chilly. Or was I imagining things?dagupan city

I decided to ride a jeepney. I suddenly remember jokes from my childhood, where “aircon” means “air continuous”. Being home is like experiencing a flashflood of memories!

On my way home, I saw the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen! She had blue eyes and a white coat:

cat cat

cat  Plus, she was sooo friendly! She purred and licked my hand when I stroked her head!

On the way home, I managed to catch some sun. Bad for the skin, good for the soul. So why not? But I made sure I was wearing proper eye protection (I love my eyes; I read and write even in my sleep).


My hair was in my eye. Lesson of the story: bring a ponytail.

stef stef

But I’ll be going back to Manila soon. Sigh. I’ll miss seeing ponds instead of skyscrapers, kabaleyans instead of strangers, kindred souls instead of weary urbanites. But everything good must come to an end.

What I'm wearing here.

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