Techonology Hates Me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

I’ve proven once and for all that technology hates me. Here’s proof that supports my theory:

  • My trusty laptop, just a few months old, suddenly developed the propensity to hang about three seconds after being turned on. In other words, it has rendered itself useless. It’s officially the second laptop that died on me.
  • A few months ago, my new Nokia phone suddenly stopped functioning. It keeps scrolling down on its own, the possessed thing. I asked the service crew what went wrong and they told me the main board got fried. I thought it was because of bad handling but they said it wasn’t, and that “these things just happen.”
  • This Christmas, I went home to spend time with my family. A day after I arrived, my television fizzled, died, and wouldn’t turn on anymore. How thoughtful of my TV to wait for me before it decided to bog down!
  • blackout
    As if to make my point for me (and add insult to injury), a blackout ensues as I am typing this post. Grr.

I would looove to boycott technology after it has betrayed me so many times this year but I simply can’t. Darn!

Next year better be a good year, tech-wise. I hope the tech goblins go away soon… :(

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