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My friend asked me to listen to a few tracks by a new band, Rendezvous. Because I find music hard to resist, I knew I had to look for my trusty earphones again.

I asked my friend, “What kind of music do they play?”

She answered, “Electronica.”

Rendezvous = Electropop + Reality.

rendezvous electronicaImmediately, I remember watching The Saint (starring Val Kilmer), with a few songs by Chemical Brothers making a comeback in my head. I thought I knew what to expect.

Expectations, shmectations. I would not have thought I was listening to electropop when I listened to Rendezvous’ song, Incognito. It was refreshingly different but still true to its mother genre.

hagai izenberg rendezvous band itai simon rendezvous band
Rendezvous: Hagai Izenberg and Itai Simon

I was instantly converted. Hail Hagai Izenberg and Itai Simon for molding veritable tunes!

Rendezvous obviously made music that could not be placed under just one classification. I heard instrumental music, jazz, pop, and even blues in just a single song. If I were to make a genre for them, I would say their songs belong under Progressive ElectroPop.

But then again, that’s just me. After listening to So What, I would have been glad to receive a free song download – but Christmas has come and gone, so instead of making a wish, maybe I should buy their debut album instead. (When does Rendezvous’ first album come out? When, when???)

Cluttered thoughts and busy minds need a little music for inspiration-slash-escape now and again. With Rendezvous just around the corner, we won’t have to look far.

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  1. steffie! great choice! been listening and it sounds great. how've u been?

  2. couldn't agree more with this post, especially the last part. rendezvous' music is great for relaxing. more to come, hopefully.

  3. I am a musician as well as an audio buff, and my preferences are jazzy, progressive and technical music, like Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, and other musical acts. The moment I listened to RendeVous’ music, I can feel how the duo is so dedicated in terms of crafting their own musical structure, because it took them almost five years to complete their eponymous debut album, which is to be released soon. And oh, you will surely love listening to their music! Big Kudos for RendeVous!!!

  4. hi, just wanted to that i really like 'Incognito', i think its a great tune and i totally sympathize with this post! thats almost what happened to me a couple of months ago.

  5. oh, left out the word 'say'
    i hate when that happens :) don't you!?

  6. awesome tracks!