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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

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What am I wearing? Find out what my vested interests are.

My brother and I have limitless ways to keep ourselves preoccupied. We play the same games, like the same movies, and listen to similar genres of music.

When we get bored (as there isn’t much to do in our quiet rural neighborhood), we visit the nearest mall. Our mall is small and cozy, with not nearly enough stores to keep us both amused. However, we always find a way to make mundane chores more amusing.

For example, my brother takes pictures of me whenever I’m in some kind of trouble. His camera phone is always ready for a disaster photo shoot. If I get my shoes stuck in a gutter, or if I can’t find the keys to the car, he makes it a point to capture my moment of weakness on film – and we laugh about it later. :D


Can’t find the keys to the car – and Adrian is there to immortalize my fumbling. ;p

Life will be quite boring without my brother’s teasing. We’re the only two siblings in the family and, given our 13 year gap, we are lucky to be this close. Now, if only we had a little sister. Haha!

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