Care for House Sparrow Hatchlings

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Six days ago, I wondered how to care for house sparrow hatchlings. We found four hatchlings on the ground. They might have fallen from their nest, but that would be unlikely because they were newly hatched and could barely move about. Their parents most probably pushed them out, or perhaps another bird did just to claim the nest as his own.

Knowing that they will die without care, I decided to adopt them - for now, at least, as I want them to be released in the wild later where they will thrive much better. Here is a picture of the hatchlings on the day they were found.

House sparrow hatchlings[7]

Not all of these four hatchlings survived. That’s because I learned too late about proper care for newly hatched house sparrows. But I did learn how to care for house sparrow hatchlings, which is why I want to share what I learned about house sparrow care.

How to Care for House Sparrow Hatchlings

Learn how to care for house sparrow hatchlings before you adopt them. Don’t make my mistake; not all of the hatchlings I cared for survived. However, they did have great appetite and they chirped actively during day one. Unfortunately, they had bruises on their body. Three of them had free blood floating inside their abdomens, easily seen because of their thin transparent skin. Despite the bruises, they seemed to be doing well.

It was then a sad day when three of the four hatchlings died one after the other. The first hatchling that died had a big bruise on her neck. He started gasping for breath, and hours later, stopped breathing altogether. This is him before he became sick:

house sparrow hatchling one day old[7]

He is the second smallest of the four. Perhaps he suffered internal injuries that started to manifest only after several hours. I grieved him the most because of the three that died, he was the one whose agony is longest.

Here are the other hatchlings, sleeping peacefully on the day they were adopted. Sadly, these two died as well. The second hatchling to die just did so mysteriously. No signs of respiratory distress nor change in behavior.

one day old house sparrows[7]

Good news is, one of them survived. The eldest, biggest, and strongest survived whatever killed its three siblings. Here's what the little trooper looked like at Day 3. Learn about how to care for house sparrow hatchlings by joining me in my journey with these beautiful babies.

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