5 Cheap Finds for Your Home – You’ll Want Them All!

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Nobody can say no to a bargain without feeling some degree of remorse. When you see the prices of those silk bed sheets get slashed (whoa, 50 percent off and they still cost a fortune), you feel a little pang of guilt when you decide not to buy it.

cheap finds for homeOne good thing that comes out of being broke: I buy cheap stuff that looks great!

That probably explains why five years ago, I decided to buy a cabinet for PhP2,500, a cabinet made of laminated wood, which I had to assemble at home. The store was selling the already-assembled cabinet, but it would have cost me an extra PhP1,500.

Broke, Not Broken

I was broke and, trying to channel the cheapskate in me to survive life in the city, I opted for the yet-to-be-assembled purchase. Assembling some cabinet ain’t rocket science, right?

It wasn’t, but toes got injured. Fingers got cut. Things fell. To be more precise, things fell apart – until I got someone else to help (how did I know it was a two-man job?).

DIY injuryYou can bet my cat got traumatized as he witnessed all the bloodbath.

Anyway, that was five years ago. This year, drum roll, please… I’m still buying cheap finds because yes, I’m still a little bit broke and I’m still decorating on a tight budget.

No thanks to the expensive tickets I had to buy so that I could ask someone to accompany me on an airplane trip which is actually the first one I would be taking (I know, I know, I live in the boondocks or something). No thanks to the fact that I had surgery a few months back and I’m still recovering – not from the procedure itself, but the fees I paid.

Reading about my being broke is probably bumming you out, but don’t be. There is an upside.

Home Improvement Ideas: Cheap Finds for Your Home

How could I protect my couch from fraying if I couldn’t afford slip covers? How could I get more storage room if I couldn’t afford cabinets? Where could I buy cheap lamps that didn’t look like they would short-circuit anytime soon?

Because of budget constraints, I had to get creative. Ah, finding the answers to those questions made being broke look good.

Now, it’s time for you to feel good about beautifying your home on a budget. It’s time for you to feel good about these cheap finds you can use for your home.


Cheap find number 1:

Microfiber mat as pile rug: PhP600

microfiber bathroom mat

I bought a microfiber rug for PhP600 from the bathroom section and made it into an area rug. You can’t buy a pile rug at the carpet store for the same price. I swear; I looked.

pile rug

I believe the rug was priced at around PhP1,000, but it was on sale when I got it. Lucky me!


Cheap find number 2:

Two storage boxes as side table: PhP600 each

DIY side table

I needed a side table that would hide all of the clutter I had lying around the living room. A foldable storage box I purchased not too long ago turned out to be my cat’s favorite scratching post, which meant it had to retire before it even came of age.

Since I didn’t want to waste money on some side table made of laminated wood that would warp in a couple of years, I decided to improvise. I remembered seeing beautiful boxes made of banig the last time I went to the mall and I knew that if I put them on top of each other, they’d make a pretty, makeshift side table.

When I went back to the mall, the boxes were on sale! They were at 50 percent off when I went back to take a look at them!

reading nookstorage box

My prayers had been answered. My papers found a new home in them, too, by the way. Clutter problem, solved.


Cheap find number 3:

Discounted lamp: PhP1000

chevron lamp

Zero-Burger Breakfast at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

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Wait, say what now? You can have a zero-burger breakfast at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, which happens to be – and this one is obvious – a burger joint?

Teddy's Bigger Burgers breakfast

You read it right! I was surprised when I heard the news – in a good way, of course. I can’t remember ever having burgers for breakfast but I love the burgers at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. In other words, the fact that I can enjoy breakfast without burgers in a place known for burgers equals the best of both worlds.

Breakfast at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, anyone?

At Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, you can enjoy breakfast all you want… without taking a single bite of their burgers. You can if you want, of course, but we all know how Filipinos can be stubborn about their rice policy. “If there’s no rice, it’s not a meal!”

Teddys Bigger Burgers PhilippinesYou can eat breakfast without ever having to touch a burger. Nada. Not a one.
As round a zero as this lifesaver thingy which I wanted to take home with me.

I know, I know, you aren’t a true-blue Filipino if you don’t enjoy the typical rice combo for breakfast. There’s a reason why we have gone as far as coining the terms cornsilog and baconsilog! We want our rice and we want our eggs, Pinoy-style!

Teddy's Bigger Burgers EDSA Shangri-Lateddys bigger burgersteddys burgers shangrila plaza

Thank goodness a burger haven like Teddy’s Bigger Burgers – a popular diner which hails all the way from Hawaii, by the way – finally thought of giving us their own version of the Pinoy breakfast meals we can’t live without.

So, what’s for breakfast? All that is up next!

5 Reasons Smart Guys Take Their Valentine's Dates to Banzai Japanese Buffet

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It's February once again, which means we’ll be witnessing an interesting Valentine’s Day phenomenon very soon: that of the semi-confused, semi-anxious, flower-toting men. If you're one of these men, I'll let you in on a secret: smart guys take their Valentine's dates to Banzai, the famed Teppanyaki theater and Japanese buffet restaurant!

Valentine's Day at BanzaiGood man, your search for the perfect restaurant this Valentine’s is over.

Find out why it’s a super-smart move to bring your date to Banzai on Valentine’s Day! (You can thank me later.)

Banzai Japanese Buffet: 5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day at the Great Teppanyaki Theater

Expect men to flood the streets, looking half-happy for having scored the date they want on the day of hearts, yet half-embarrassed for having to participate in a ritual that their friends will tease them for in the days to come. If you're part of the clueless statistic and you don't know which restaurant to choose for the perfect romantic experience (minus the gag factor of excessive pukey pink Valentine's decor, of course), I'm happy to put you out of your misery.

That is, I'm willing to tell you where exactly you can bring your date! On February 14, head over to Banzai, the Great Teppanyaki Theater and Japanese Buffet. Here's why it's going to be worth it.

1. Going to Banzai this Valentine's will give you and your date something new to experience together.

Have you ever had chefs juggling knives right in front of you? No? How about people in elaborate costumes entertaining you with a Kabuki performance, which happens to be a traditional Japanese sing-and-dance show? No?

Well, you can always opt to watch a movie together, but you can't really look each other in the eye and talk out loud in the cinemas, can you? Banzai brings you the best of both worlds: theatrics plus the chance to bond and chat!

Tell me, isn’t this teppanyaki theater a great icebreaker? Watch the video and just imagine how your date will react to it when she watches it with you this Valentine’s!

An "it's meant to be" spoiler: This year, Valentine's Day actually falls on a Saturday - that means you get to enjoy the teppanyaki theater! (It's available only during weekends.) You might say it's a lucky coincidence; I say it's a sign.

2. You can finally pull off saying this cheesy line: "The Japanese food we are about to eat is authentic… and so is my love for you!"

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