De La Salle Health Sciences Institute: Unofficial Review

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Have you ever wondered what makes a medical school excellent? Will De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (DLSHSI) fulfill that criteria? Let me help you make up your mind with my unofficial review of DLSHSI. (Spoiler: You might want to read these 6 reasons you should – or shouldn’t! – enroll at DLSHSI.)

De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

I get a lot of emails from college students who want to pursue medicine, with questions pertaining to scholarships, passing the NMAT, and the top medical schools on my list. Coincidentally, I received an invitation to visit the DLSHSI last month, giving me the opportunity to take a look at a medical school other than my own. (Full disclosure: I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas.)

5 Things You Should Know about De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

Let me walk you through what I learned about DSLHSI before I give you a rating based on a 5-point scale, as recognized by Google’s search engine.

5 Healthy Reasons to Try Teddy’s Bigger Burgers + FREE Burgers!

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Enough with fast food burgers! If you love burgers but hate the idea of swallowing fillers, preservatives, and oily patties with questionable meat, here's one burger joint you and every other healthy foodie are sure to love: Teddy's Bigger Burgers! FYI: You might win an entire year's supply of burgers - details later!

Teddy's Bigger Burgers ownersFlanked by Ted Tsakiris and Rich Stula, the owners of Teddy's Bigger Burgers. Aloha!

They opened their doors to us bloggers last August 20, but they're officially opening to the public on August 23, 2014. If you come on their opening day, you just might win enough burgers to last you three, six, or even twelve months!

5 Reasons Health Buffs Should Visit Teddy's Bigger Burgers

Never heard of this burger resto before? That's because they're not from around here! Teddy's Bigger (and definitely better) Burgers hails all the way from Hawaii.

But before I share with you how exactly you can be one of the twenty lucky winners of Teddy's Bigger Burgers, here are 5 healthy reasons you should drop by their flagship store at Greenbelt 3 one of these days.

Exile On Main St. Bar Restaurant Manila

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August 2014 update: Now that I’m about to move out of the DLSU Taft Avenue community, I will definitely miss Exile on Main St. I will forever crave their monggo and super crispy pork chop. Farewell, Exile.

I was in the mood to eat out and explore – thank God, or I wouldn’t have chanced upon Exile On Main St. If anything, this quaint little restaurant won me over instantly! Let me tell you why.

Exile On Main St. Bar & Restaurant

Its name is appropriate, given how it’s an out-of-way restaurant which you can access only by walking down an unassuming footpath. It’s also no coincidence that this restaurant-bar was named after a Rolling Stones album, given the good music wafting through the speakers the moment I stepped inside.

Exile On Main St. Bar and Restaurant in Manila

Exile On Main St., located in a building a little distance from the main road, is the kind of small restaurant bar that gets a cult following. It has the oddest, most curious trinkets and installments, from a table – complete with dishes and cutlery – suspended on the ceiling, to curtains made of spoons and forks.

They’re located at 2428 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, a stone’s throw away from DLSU, College of St. Benilde, and St. Scholastica’s College. I can’t help but think how students from these schools are lucky because they live right beside Exile On Main St., a restaurant that offers good food, good music, and quirky décor.

And I haven’t even touched on the food yet. Once I do, you’ll just be as in love with Exile on Main Street, too.