Xiaomi Mi 3 Phone: Worth It?

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As a new owner of the Mi 3 phone from Xiaomi, I just have to share with you what I’ve experienced thus far. Is Mi3 really worthy of the tagline, “Android at its best”? Let’s see of Mi3 really is an affordable option that’s worth every penny.

Mi3Is the Mi 3 phone from Xiaomi worth your money?

Full disclosure: Xiaomi’s Mi3 phone might very well have outperformed every other smartphone I’ve used, including one from HTC which I used to be quite proud of (until I got my hands on a Mi3, that is).

Mi 3 Phone: Is It Worth It?

I got myself a Mi 3 phone, which I bought online from Lazada (because right now, that’s the only way you’re getting your hands on one if you’re from the Philippines). Is it worth it?

Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps it’s best if you decide.

6 Unexpected Reasons You’re Unhappy + Shu Uemura Giveaway!

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Does today (and yesterday, and the day before that) feel a little too blah? Before you self-diagnose and blame it on depression, it's time you checked out these six unexpected reasons you're unhappy.

love and happinessShu Uemura makeup artistsSpoiler: I'm giving away a Shu Uemura loot bag - feeling better already?

It's normal to have an "off" day. I have it, you have it, even Mother Teresa had it. But there are things we do – bad, naughty habits, I tell you – that betray our physiology and make us feel blue!

6 Unexpected Reasons You're Not Happy and Loving Life

Loving life is not a simple choice. It's  actually a series of choices made over a period of time!

To cultivate an attitude of positivity all day, observe your habits, starting in the morning and up until nighttime. (Take a look at how you sleep, too!)

That’s what I learned during the Go Love Life feel-good makeover party organized by Sangobion on August 16, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Take a look at how many women that day had their photos taken to make this beautiful Instax collage.

Go Love Life

That said, let's see how many of these five reasons for your unhappiness don't catch you by surprise. Ready?

De La Salle Health Sciences Institute: Unofficial Review

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Have you ever wondered what makes a medical school excellent? Will De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (DLSHSI) fulfill that criteria? Let me help you make up your mind with my unofficial review of DLSHSI. (Spoiler: You might want to read these 6 reasons you should – or shouldn’t! – enroll at DLSHSI.)

De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

I get a lot of emails from college students who want to pursue medicine, with questions pertaining to scholarships, passing the NMAT, and the top medical schools on my list. Coincidentally, I received an invitation to visit the DLSHSI last month, giving me the opportunity to take a look at a medical school other than my own. (Full disclosure: I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas.)

5 Things You Should Know about De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

Let me walk you through what I learned about DSLHSI before I give you a rating based on a 5-point scale, as recognized by Google’s search engine.