5 Unusual Ways Facebook Can Be Bad For Your Health

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Facebook can be bad for your health. Okay, maybe that’s nothing new given the bad rap the internet has been receiving lately, but I bet you didn’t know these 5 surprising ways Facebook can do you harm!

Facebook addiction“Aha, 10 news likes! I can use Facebook all day.
Who cares if I don’t ever get a life?”

Now, ask yourself, how much time do you spend in front of the computer just so you can check your Facebook?

Once you’ve answered the above question, ask yourself: Is that your final answer? C’mon, you know you spend more time on Facebook! And that’s what just might get you in trouble.

5 Ways Facebook Can Be Bad for Your Health

Different companies restrict access to Facebook and other social networks because it decreases productivity. Sociologists also believe excessive Facebook use should now be deemed a legit form of addiction.

Perhaps studies should be conducted to establish a correlation between Facebook and different medical conditions. Haha, nerdy much? Nerd smile 

In the meantime, I want to share some of the reasons why Facebook may be bad for your health.

4 Unexpected Ways You're a Facebook Bully

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There are many bullies out there. But did you know that bullying also occurs on Facebook? Here are 4 surprising reasons you’re actually a Facebook bully.

cat on Facebook“I’ll push you around! Just you wait while I log on to Facebook…”

I bet that the only bully you’re familiar with is the bully who pushes kids around in school, the bully who is plain mean and rude. How many times have you heard of the bully who doesn’t know he’s actually a bully? If you haven’t, then read on – because YOU might actually be a bully and you don’t know it yet.

Life and Fever: Now a Pinoy Lifestyle Blog!

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It’s official: My old personal blog, www.lifeandfever.com, is now a Filipino lifestyle blog! It’s about time, actually. We’ve done a few things to usher in the transformation. (We also have a little something prepared for both bloggers and readers!)

Life and Fever blogHere’s how the old blog looked like.
Which look do you like better, this or the revamped template?

Life and Fever used to be a personal blog. As of today, you can still see the seven topics I used to write about, including pets, clothes, and personal musings. But it’s time I moved on to a more reader-friendly blog, thus the change to a lifestyle blog!

“Hot” Lifestyle Blog: Life and Fever

I know that lifestyle blogs are a dime a dozen, but it’s not like I’m trying to compete, so it’s okay. (Weird; I just wrote about the three reasons your blog is broke!) I just feel that, given the tasks I’ve been taking on, shifting to a lifestyle blog is just about right.

But how exactly does one make the shift? I started with a rebrand, of course! Thankfully, the name “Life and Fever” already has the word “life” in it. All I had to do was say it was the hot lifestyle blog and voila!

Old Blog, New Tricks

But that’s not all. It’s an old blog (circa 2008), but there it’s not like it doesn’t have something new up its sleeve!