5 Ways Smart People Eat Healthy to Lose Weight

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Whenever someone tries to peddle a weight loss diet that involves extreme deprivation or starvation, I balk. I’ve never been one to punish myself by putting my health at risk for vanity’s sake!

weight loss

But I don’t want to be all preachy – pardon me for my brief bitch fit – so let’s move forward with 5 smart ways to eat healthy and lose weight. (Again, they’re supposed to go hand in hand every single time, but because our society doesn’t always think so, I have to append them to each other.)

5 Smart Ways to Lose Weight by Eating Healthy

Whenever I make a health-related choice, I don’t just think of the outcome. I also have to think of whether it’s a habit I can keep.

One of the things I always share with my friends: It’s not about getting a 24-inch waistline; it’s about developing the right habits to get there! Aim for health, not vanity.

It’s going to be tough for me to share every single tenet of healthy eating, so let’s start with five.


Smart tip number 1:

Start small and scale out

“We don't do [Baron method] full-blown. We do it slowly. Otherwise, people will say they won't do it. That's why the program takes six months,” said Harvie de Baron, who got his Sports Nutrition diploma via an online course from Oxford Learning College. (Check out Baron method – find out if it’s for you and contact them here.)

Eizza de Baron“Learn gradually, research, and grow your own treasure chest of recipes,” advised his wife, Eizza.

Contrary to popular belief, the couple doesn’t buy difficult-to-find ingredients. “We buy from the grocery.” Start with the supermarket nearest you and look for healthy alternatives to food items you usually buy!

Optical Illusion Art: How Angel Moreno Duped Me

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Art and science – there always seems to be a line dividing the two. Anything that's both an art and a science is seen as a wonderful anomaly instead of the norm. This dichotomy is an oddity and, as the one-man exhibit of Angel Moreno at The Dark and Light Gallery proves, both art and science are particularly interested in one subject: light.

Angel Moreno for Dark and Light GalleryMoreno’s exhibit actually launched The Dark and Light Gallery on March 21, 2015. Moreno’s family aside, nobody has laid eyes on the collection before the unveiling!

the dark and light galleryLook at all the red fabric cloaking the paintings!

Remember the title of this blog post? I mentioned something about Angel Moreno fooling me. To be more accurate, it was his art that fooled me! You’ll find out exactly how soon enough.

Angel Moreno Pulls Off Optical Illusion Exhibit at The Dark and Light Gallery

While the world of physics uses the qualities of light – its speed being the fastest in the known universe, for instance – to solve complex equations, the world of art revels much in the many colors you find in light’s spectrum.

Come to think of it, color and light are inseparable. After all, our brains interpret the wavelengths of the visible electromagnetic spectrum in terms of color!

I know, I know, I'm going full nerd on you – sorry for digressing. But it's actually a great way for me to explain why the paintings of Angel Moreno make the perfect first exhibit for Dark and Light.

Dark and Light, Art and Science

Put simply, Moreno is mastering a technique that allows you to appreciate art whether the lights are on or off. Added bonus: His paintings even reveal different hues when you see them under the odd glow of black light!

Angel Moreno bee lightCheck out the above painting with the lights on. Now see it under black light below!

5 Cheap Finds for Your Home – You’ll Want Them All!

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Nobody can say no to a bargain without feeling some degree of remorse. When you see the prices of those silk bed sheets get slashed (whoa, 50 percent off and they still cost a fortune), you feel a little pang of guilt when you decide not to buy it.

cheap finds for homeOne good thing that comes out of being broke: I buy cheap stuff that looks great!

That probably explains why five years ago, I decided to buy a cabinet for PhP2,500, a cabinet made of laminated wood, which I had to assemble at home. The store was selling the already-assembled cabinet, but it would have cost me an extra PhP1,500.

Broke, Not Broken

I was broke and, trying to channel the cheapskate in me to survive life in the city, I opted for the yet-to-be-assembled purchase. Assembling some cabinet ain’t rocket science, right?

It wasn’t, but toes got injured. Fingers got cut. Things fell. To be more precise, things fell apart – until I got someone else to help (how did I know it was a two-man job?).

DIY injuryYou can bet my cat got traumatized as he witnessed all the bloodbath.

Anyway, that was five years ago. This year, drum roll, please… I’m still buying cheap finds because yes, I’m still a little bit broke and I’m still decorating on a tight budget.

No thanks to the expensive tickets I had to buy so that I could ask someone to accompany me on an airplane trip which is actually the first one I would be taking (I know, I know, I live in the boondocks or something). No thanks to the fact that I had surgery a few months back and I’m still recovering – not from the procedure itself, but the fees I paid.

Reading about my being broke is probably bumming you out, but don’t be. There is an upside.

Home Improvement Ideas: Cheap Finds for Your Home

How could I protect my couch from fraying if I couldn’t afford slip covers? How could I get more storage room if I couldn’t afford cabinets? Where could I buy cheap lamps that didn’t look like they would short-circuit anytime soon?

Because of budget constraints, I had to get creative. Ah, finding the answers to those questions made being broke look good.

Now, it’s time for you to feel good about beautifying your home on a budget. It’s time for you to feel good about these cheap finds you can use for your home.


Cheap find number 1:

Microfiber mat as pile rug: PhP600

microfiber bathroom mat

I bought a microfiber rug for PhP600 from the bathroom section and made it into an area rug. You can’t buy a pile rug at the carpet store for the same price. I swear; I looked.

pile rug

I believe the rug was priced at around PhP1,000, but it was on sale when I got it. Lucky me!


Cheap find number 2:

Two storage boxes as side table: PhP600 each

DIY side table

I needed a side table that would hide all of the clutter I had lying around the living room. A foldable storage box I purchased not too long ago turned out to be my cat’s favorite scratching post, which meant it had to retire before it even came of age.

Since I didn’t want to waste money on some side table made of laminated wood that would warp in a couple of years, I decided to improvise. I remembered seeing beautiful boxes made of banig the last time I went to the mall and I knew that if I put them on top of each other, they’d make a pretty, makeshift side table.

When I went back to the mall, the boxes were on sale! They were at 50 percent off when I went back to take a look at them!

reading nookstorage box

My prayers had been answered. My papers found a new home in them, too, by the way. Clutter problem, solved.


Cheap find number 3:

Discounted lamp: PhP1000

chevron lamp

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