Water Leaks at Home: Why They're Worse Than You Think

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You may feel secure inside your house, but how well do you really know this place you call home? Scary as it sounds, there are things we just never thought of asking about our home and our neighborhood.

About a week ago, I received a Viber message from my neighbor (we have a Viber group for emergency purposes) about how children are playing beside our water meter because it was leaking. My neighbor was wrong.

It wasn’t just leaking. It was spraying huge amounts of water, with the water forming a mini-bath a few feet high. It explained why the kids loved showering under it like it was the best thing that ever happened to them ever since DOTA.

leaking water pipeAlin ang naiba? The pipe with a different color was recently repaired – it burst a few days ago.

Things about my house that I’m finding out just now

How convenient. Just two weeks ago, we started experiencing leaks in the ceiling of our laundry room. The leak soon spread to the ceiling of our bathroom.

3 Smart Decisions You Can Make About Your Home's Pipes

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I shared previously how my home started showing signs of weakness. It started leaking in not one, not two, but three different areas!

It was my fault. I wasn’t too smart about the decisions I made.

smart home decisionsYou don’t have to be in my shoes, however. Make these three smart decisions and I’m telling you, you will save on repairs in the years to come!

“Leaky pipes at home? It won’t happen to me”

You’re thinking, “Well, that’s not going to happen to me. I won’t have leaks in my own house!” How sure are you? Leaks are an age issue – they reveal themselves only when you’re so convinced your house is perfect.

If you’re renting, buying property, or having a new house built from scratch, here are a few things you should be hands-on about so that you don’t end up in my wet, water-clogged shoes.

5 Ways Smart People Eat Healthy to Lose Weight

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Whenever someone tries to peddle a weight loss diet that involves extreme deprivation or starvation, I balk. I’ve never been one to punish myself by putting my health at risk for vanity’s sake!

weight loss

But I don’t want to be all preachy – pardon me for my brief bitch fit – so let’s move forward with 5 smart ways to eat healthy and lose weight. (Again, they’re supposed to go hand in hand every single time, but because our society doesn’t always think so, I have to append them to each other.)

5 Smart Ways to Lose Weight by Eating Healthy

Whenever I make a health-related choice, I don’t just think of the outcome. I also have to think of whether it’s a habit I can keep.

One of the things I always share with my friends: It’s not about getting a 24-inch waistline; it’s about developing the right habits to get there! Aim for health, not vanity.

It’s going to be tough for me to share every single tenet of healthy eating, so let’s start with five.


Smart tip number 1:

Start small and scale out

“We don't do [Baron method] full-blown. We do it slowly. Otherwise, people will say they won't do it. That's why the program takes six months,” said Harvie de Baron, who got his Sports Nutrition diploma via an online course from Oxford Learning College. (Check out Baron method – find out if it’s for you and contact them here.)

Eizza de Baron“Learn gradually, research, and grow your own treasure chest of recipes,” advised his wife, Eizza.

Contrary to popular belief, the couple doesn’t buy difficult-to-find ingredients. “We buy from the grocery.” Start with the supermarket nearest you and look for healthy alternatives to food items you usually buy!

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