Ballet in Manila: Dancing on toes, gaining a foothold

They say you either love or hate ballet and perhaps they were right: I knew exactly which performances I wanted to watch after I saw a preview by Ballet Manila – The Swan, The Fairy, and The Princess, to be exact!

Getting invited to the preview of Revenge of the Classics was such a treat for me. After all, Ballet Manila, the name we all remember when we talk about a Philippine ballet, has been giving us great performances for twenty-one seasons (and counting).

“I am proud to say that Ballet Manila does not simplify the choreography for classical ballet. We stay true to the original choreography from a hundred years ago,” said Macuja-Elizalde during the press preview.

“It is hard to cheat in classical ballet. If you make a mistake, everyone will see it.”

Swan Lake[2]
When Miss Lisa Macuja-Elizalde said Ballet Manila didn't do away with the difficult parts of known acts, I knew what she meant. I had goosebumps all over when I saw Princess Odette, the white swan (of Swan Lake), dancing onstage!

But as much as I enjoyed watching ballet, would I have enjoyed it as much if I had to dance it?

To help answer my question, I asked Miss Macuja-Elizalde what she had to say about her injuries, how to dance ballet safely, and what injuries she dreaded the most.


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5 Elements of a good mattress

We know sleep is potent yet we deprive ourselves of it, anyway. It’s something all of us are guilty of – even some doctors know very little about sleep!

Uratex Hydragel technologyThis pillow from Uratex keeps your neck cool – it absorbs heat from your body through the Hydragel technology.

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